Swimming: Mrs B Watermeyer



·         to encourage learners to lead a healthy and active lifestyle

·         to make swimming a pleasurable and enjoyable experience

·         to promote basic water and safety skills

·         to avail learners with the opportunity to engage in appropriate competitive swimming 





Since the early 1980's we have been very privileged to have our own swimming pool.

In Physical Education our learners have been able to enjoy and gain confidence in basic water skills.

As an extracurricular activity, we have developed swimmers talents and taken a number of them to a high level of swimming both provincially and nationally.






















Girls Swimming Report 2014


1. B-squad: Swam in 3 C-age group galas.

2. A-squad: Swam in: 4 B-age group galas

                                   4 Relay galas

                                   'Top 8'  Invitational gala

3. Interhouse gala



1. Gr 1& 2  (u/8's) swimming - twice a week

2. B-squad- twice a week, 1 hour, coach per age group

3. A-squad- twice a week, 1 hour, coach per age group  



A coaching course was presented by Debbie Locket at Pat Reen's Swim School (Kids Country Corner)

Coaches attended a Time-keeping course presented by EP Aquatics

 We were privileged to received new anti-ripple lanes as well as pull buoys from lotto.




1.B-age group galas 

 The following swimmers qualified for the 'Top 8' gala:

Boys: Declan MacFarlane, Jayde Ross, Dylan Eales, Matthew grey, Kyle Masters

Girls: Jaime Alcock, Bianca Ansley, Lauren Gathercole, Rebecca Grey, Shanell Greyling, Clarise Greyling, Clarise Moolman, Tanielle Moolman, Ashleigh Nichols, Hanniska v Vuuren

  At the gala we attained 14 medals:

Tanielle Moolman, Bianca Ansley, Rebecca Grey, Hanniska v Vuuren, Shanell    Greyling,  Nicole Masters,  Kyle Masters, Lauren Gathercole

   At the same gala Sunridge came 2nd with the most overall points. 

  Victrix Ludorum: Female swimmer with the most points earned at the 'Top 8' Gala.

                             Lauren Gathercole-3rd


2. Relay Galas

    All age groups from u/9-u/14 boys and girls reached the finals.

   Overall results-points accumulated over 4 galas:        

   u/11 Girls- 3rd; u/12 Girls- 2nd; u/12 Boys- 1st; u/14 Girls- 2nd


    u/12 Boys First overall

   (Damon Royle, Dyllan Eales, Heinrich Vorster, Ernst Schutte)

    u/14 Girls Medley trophy (Bianca Ansley, Lauren Gathercole, Erin Harty, Rebecca  


    u/14 Girls Freestyle shield (Bianca Ansley, Lauren Gathercole, Erin Harty,

    Rebecca Grey)


3. Level 1,2 &3

      Represented their clubs: Erin Harty, Jaden Delport, Christopher Smailes and

      Damon Royle


4 SA Primary Schools

      Erin Harty, Christopher Smailes, Linzi Scholtz, and Jaden Delport were chosen

      torepresent Eastern Cape in Pretoria in December.


5. Interhouse gala:

    Victor Ludorum: Damon Rolye

    Victrix Ludorum: Erin Harty

    Interhouse trophy: Donkin

    Records: 7 records: Damon Royle -4; Kyle Masters -1; Jaden Delport -1; House -1


Swimming report 2015

In the 1st and 4th term our B-squad participated  in four C-age group galas.

The  most successful age groups at C-age group galas were the 11and 12 year old boys and girls.


The A-squad swam in three B-age group galas, four  Relay Galas- one of which was the Final Relay Gala, the  'Top 8'  Invitational gala, the Herbert Hurd Invitational Relay Gala against Rondebosch from Cape Town and the PEA Junior gala for ages 8,9 &10.


The 1st Relay gala of the season was cancelled due to a severe storm, but the rest  were held at Herbert Hurd and St Georges respectively.  They promoted great team spirit and camaraderie. The u/13 boys and u/13 girls were particularly strong and put up sterling performances.

The following swimmers qualified for the 'Top 8' gala:


Boys:  Ashton Royle, Matthew Grey, Kyle Masters, Karl Dielman, Heinrich Vorster, Damon Royle, Gabriel Slabbert.

Girls:  Nicole Masters, Ashleigh Nichols, Hanniska v Vuuren,  Annica Botha, Monique Alloway, Tessa Nel


The following swimmers brought home 16 medals:

 Damon Royle: 3x gold, 1x 2nd -silver

 Ashton Royle: 3x gold

Nicole Masters: 1x gold

Heinrich Vorster: 1x sliver, 3x bronze

Ashleigh Nicholls: 2x bronze

Hanniska v Vuuren: 1x bronze

 Matthew Grey: 1x bronze


Damon Royle went on to win the Victor Ludorum for the swimmer with the most points earned at the 'Top 8' Gala.


We are very proud of  Karla Scheffer who was chosen for the EP Interprovincial team to partake in Bloemfontein in March and again for the East Cape Swimming team which will compete in Pretoria in the December holidays.


At our school gala, the winners of our Victor and Victrix Ludorum, were Damon Royle and Karla Scheffer.  The Interhouse trophy was won by Donkin


Swimming report 2016



1. B-squad: swam  in four  C-age group galas: Herbert Hurd, St Dominic's Priory,                 

                                                                           Kabega and Sunridge.  

 2. A-squad: swam  in:  3 B-age group galas at Newton Park

                                      1 Relay gala at St Georges & Herbert Hurd

                                      Final Relay gala at Herbert Hurd

                                      Rondebosch Invitational gala at Herbert Hurd

3. Bayeagle( Best Toffee Gala) 

    A Junior fun gala at Priory (u/6- u/13)

4. Interhouse gala: January



Mrs Watermeyer presented a course for u/10 and u/11 B-squad coaches on Breaststroke. Particular notice given to the arms and breathing.

Pat and Bradley Reen conducted a course for u /8' -u/14 A- and B -squad coaches.




1. B-age group galas 


 The 'Top 8' gala


11 swimmers quailfied.

 Boys: Ashton Royle, Gareth McClear, CJ Vermaak

 Girls:  Monique Alloway,  Annica Botha, Zanike Coetzer,Teagan Harty,Tessa Nel,

           Clarise and Taniele Moolman, Caitlin Rademakers


The following swimmers received medals:

Ashton Royle: 2 gold -Butterfly, Breaststroke; 1 bronze-Freestyle.

Clarisse Moolman:- 1 Bronze- butterfly; 2 gold -freestyle, breaststroke; 1silver - backstroke

Tanielle Moolman:- 2 silver-Freestyle; Breaststroke;2gold- Butterfly and Backstroke.

Gareth Maclear- 1 bronze-Breaststroke                                      


2. Interhouse gala


 Trophy Winners:     u/9       Lara Kruger                                               Tyrone Delport

                                u/10     Zanike Coetzer & Teagan Harty                Kyle Callaghan

                                u/11     Monique Alloway &  Caitlin Rademaker     Kyle Masters

                                u/12     Kerri-Lee Barnard                                       Ashton Royle

                                u/14     Tanielle Moolman                                       CJ Vermaak

                                Gardner Individual trophy: (Girls)Tanielle Moolman & Clarisse  


                                                                           (Boys) Ashton Royle

   Victrix Ludorum: Tanielle Moolman

   Victor Ludorum:  Ashton Royle

   Els Sang Bekker: Diaz

   Winning house: 1st- Diaz, 2nd- Donkin, 3rd -Algoa


3.1 Karla Scheffer was chosen to swim for the Eastern Cape in December at the SA

      Schools Games at Ellis Park Gauteng.


3.2 Relay Galas

       3.2.1  At the Rondebosch Invitational gala at Herbert Hurd  we came 3rd overall.

       3.2.2  At the Final Relay gala at Herbert Hurd, the u/13 boys and girls came 3rd  

                 overall  whilst the u/12 girls came 4th.