1.     All learners  must attend school in the appropriate uniform of Sunridge Primary School. No hats, beanies or caps may be worn without the permission of the principal.

2.     All seniors (Grade 4 - 7) must wear their school blazers to assembly.

3.     New learners may wear their former school’s uniform for a period of time as agreed by the principal, until he/she acquires the Sunridge uniform.

4.     The sleeves of blazers, tracksuits and jerseys may not be rolled up or pushed up. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Shoes must be clean and neat. Shoelaces must be tied at all times.

5.     Only navy blue gloves and (school) scarves may be worn on very cold days.

6.     All clothing and property must be marked clearly and neatly.

7.     Learners going on educational field trips must be dressed in their full school uniforms, except if arranged differently. Seniors must wear their blazers.

8.     Full tracksuits may only be worn during the winter by learners in Grades 1 - 3. 

9.     In summer, the boys must wear the white short sleeve, open neck  shirts  with the school badge on the pocket, long grey socks and black lace-up shoes and grey short / long pants..

10. In summer the girls must wear the school dress, short white socks and black school shoes.

11. In winter, the boys must wear a long sleeve button-up shirt (without the school badge.)

12. During winter the girls must wear the school dress and long grey school socks.

13. Grade 1 – 6 girls may not wear stockings.

14. Girls’ school dresses may not be shorter than 4 fingers (± 8 cm) from the ground when kneeling upright.


15. Pupils must wear their uniforms proudly and must look neat and presentable at all times.