Cell Phone Policy

The premises of Sunridge Primary School is a cell phone free zone for all learners. No cell phones allowed is the basic  policy but to adhere to basic rights the following exception will be allowed:

A parent can request permission via a letter for his/her child to have his or her cell phone on the school premises. Parents need to provide a valid reason.  The permission can only be granted by the Principal and the parent will be informed via a permission letter in this regard.

A permission letter will be issued and the parents need to familiarize and sign the permission letter. The letter needs to be returned to the school and the child will be issued with a cell phone green card.

The rules as indicated on the permission letter are non-negotiable.

1.       The phone must be switched off on the school premises.

2.       It may only be switched on after 14:00.

3.       It may only be switched on outside the school building and premises

4.       If it is to be used on the school grounds (not in the building) after 14:00 then it may only be used for emergency purposes.

5.       Your child is not allowed to use the cell phone for any purpose other than stated in your request. The school reserves the right to withdraw the permission. (cell phone green card)

6.       The teachers have the right to check at any time if the cell phone is switched off.

7.       If it is found that the cell phone is on, or used during school hours, or in conflict with any other regulation or rule, it will be confiscated and rule 6 will immediately apply. The normal school rules will also be enforced.

8.       The school also reserves the right to check for any illegal/inappropriate messages or files on a cell phone on the premises.  (Please read the Safety Act for public schools)

9.       The Principal reserves all rights to protect the school.   

 Please read the Schools Act’s: 84 of 1996, 27 of 1996 and 76 of 1998