1.       No jewellery, such as rings, bangles, bracelets, armbands, chains, belly rings, toe rings, tongue rings  etc.  will be allowed.

2.    Girls may wear one gold or silver stud / sleeper in each earlobe.

3.    No learner is allowed to colour his/her hair.

4.   Boys’ hair may not touch their ears or the collar of their school shirt. They may only cut their hair in standard trim. No other hair styles are allowed.

5.   Girls hair must be tied neatly with navy blue ribbon or elastic stretcher. If the fringe of a girl’s hair touches the eyebrow, it must be tied back and not tucked in behind the ear. All hair accessories must be navy blue.

6.   Learners may not have any tattoos or any form of writing on their bodies.

7.   Nails must be cut neatly and no nail varnish (on finger or toe nails) or make-up will be allowed. Remember that your feet and toe nails are visible during LO / PT.

8.    Clothes must be neat and tidy at all times.

9.    Inspection of nails, hair and shoes will be done on a regular basis.

10. Tracksuits are only worn during the winter if it’s very cold - only Grade 1 - 3. 

11. You may not wear your school jersey/blazer with your tracksuit pants.

12. In summer, the boys must wear a white short sleeve shirt with the school badge on the pocket, long grey school socks and black lace-up shoes and grey short/long pants. 

13. In summer, the girls must wear the school dress, short white socks and black school shoes.

14. In winter, the boys must wear a long sleeve button-up shirt, (without the school badge) and tie with the rest of their uniform.

15. Winter:  All girls must wear the school dress and long grey school socks or have stockings  - without patterns.

16. Girls’ school dresses may not be shorter that 4 fingers (± 8 cm) from the ground when standing on her knees.

17. Gr.4 - 7 are not allowed to wear tracksuits to school.  Grade 4 - 7 may also not wear the tracksuit top with their school uniform.

18. No untidy appearances will be tolerated.