The school funds account is controlled by the Governing Body of the school. All the school’s income and expenditure is controlled and approved by them.  The Governing Body appoints an independent auditor to audit the school’s books annually before submitting the prescribed statement of income and expenditure to the East Cape Education Department.

The Governing Body will also report to the parent body annually according to the stipulations of the relevant SA School’s Act.

The Governing Body prepares a budget every year, which indicates the estimated income and expenditure for the following financial year.  Before the budget is approved by the Governing Body, it must be presented to a general meeting of parents and approved by a majority of parents present and voting.

The budget includes

  • total maintenance of buildings and grounds (subject to Departmental Inspection)
  • maintenance of sports facilities
  • all municipal services (water, electricity, refuse)
  •  insurance of the contents of the buildings plus such buildings as would not have been provided to schools under  departmental quota.
  • comprehensive insurance for school transport
  • maintaining an acceptable roadworthy fleet of vehicles for transport of learners(depreciation and replacement costs)
  • providing the teaching staff with the necessary teaching aids and equipment required to maintain the standard of education to which we have become accustomed (computers, projectors, books etc.)
  • administrative and photocopying equipment and materials
  • cleaning materials and toilet requisites          
  • maintenance of financial reserves      
  • cost of text books and learner’s stationery
  •  the salaries of teachers employed by the Governing Body to keep classes at an acceptable size.   

Upon consideration and approval of the budget, the governing body will inform parents in writing if the fees have to be adjusted.
School fees are legally enforceable ! The governing body employs the services of a collection agency and the cost of such collection will be for the parent’s account.
Please note the following:

  • The payment of school fees is compulsory and monthly payments must be made by debit order.
  •  Non-receipt of an account/statement does not relieve the parent/legal guardian from the obligation to pay school fees.
  • Annual school fees are determined by the Governing Body, approved by the parents, and raised over a twelve month period.
  • In the event of a cheque/debit order being dishonoured by the bank, with the reason: "refer to drawer; account closed; payment stopped; stale cheque; insufficient funds/signature/information", a penalty of R60,00 will be debited to the school fee account.
  • Parents who cannot meet the payment requirements must inform the Governing Body in writing of the reason their account is not up to date. Letters must be sent to Miss Killian who will forward them to the Governing Body.
  • Interest will be charged monthly on outstanding balances older than 30 days.

Outstanding music and aftercare fees will automatically disqualify learners.

  • School fees are payable annually by the end of February or by debit order over 12 months.
  • Parents receive a monthly statement at the beginning of every month.  This statement reflects the amount due for school fees and any arrears and any other short term costs or levies that the Governing Body feels compelled to add.                
  • Music fees for children receiving individual instruction for piano, recorder or wind instruments, as well as the fees for hired instruments are payable per term before the first Friday of each term. It is, however, the parent’s responsibility to let the music teacher know, in writing, when a child stops music lessons or if lessons on another instrument are initiated, to ensure that the necessary adjustments are made.  A term’s notice must be given if a child wishes to stop music lessons and he/she may only do so at the end of a term
  • Please note that stop orders are not acceptable due to difficulty in exercising control over such payments.