ESTABLISHED:  18 January 1967

The school was established with 97 children

THE SCHOOL: Sunridge is a public, co-educational (boys & girls), parallel medium (English & Afrikaans) government primary school. We have a sound tradition of fostering good relations between various culture groups, of which we are very proud.  We look forward to continuing to generate harmonious relations in the community which the school serves.

For staffing and teaching purposes the two language groups are treated and accommodated separately as if in a single medium school.

BADGE: The school’s emblem is the Strelitzia, chosen because it is indigenous to the Eastern Cape.  Two interlocked rings represent the unity we strive for.

MOTTO: Conjuncti Crescimus - freely translated: “Together we grow”.

AREA: The school serves the areas of Sunridge Park, Framesby and Fern Glen, but accepts children from other areas if able to accommodate them.

ADDRESS: 39 Tulip Avenue, Sunridge Park, Port Elizabeth, 6045

TELEPHONE: (041) 360.8100

FAX: (041) 360.8052

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