We aim to create an atmosphere where teaching hockey becomes an avenue for teaching life skills. We encourage our players to overcome their limitations, illustrate discipline and value teamwork.  We instill commitment through our own demonstration, expectation, and encouragement. Our learners are given the opportunity to improve their knowledge and understanding of the game, both technically and tactically, and are given the opportunity to be exposed to the rules of competition, different positioning and sportsmenship.





The following values will be instilled in our boys:


        Respect for your opponent and your own body.


        Respect for the rules of hockey.


        Respect for the coach and umpire's decisions.


        Respect for the hockey equipment.


        Respect for the hockey playing field and goals.


        Win with pride but loose with dignity and without excuses.


        Keep your body, thoughts and actions pure as an example of good           sportsmanship.


        Aim to be physically fit and avoid selfishness and egotism.


        Attend all practices, games and meetings, support other teams.


        Thank God for your talents.


        Attend all practices and matches with the correct sports uniform.


        Encourage your team players.  Respect one anothers ability levels.


        Be on time for all practices.


        When hosting a game be welcoming.  


        Be proud of your team, school and unform.