We aim to create an atmosphere where teaching hockey becomes an avenue for teaching life skills. We encourage our players to overcome their limitations,  illustrate discipline and value teamwork.  We instill commitment through our own demonstration, expectation, and encouragement. Our learners are given the opportunity to improve their knowledge and understanding of the game, both technically and tactically, and are given the opportunity to be exposed to the rules of competition, different positioning and sportsmenship.



The following values will be instilled in our boys:

·         Respect for your opponent and your own body.

·         Respect for the rules of hockey.

·         Respect for the coach and umpire's decisions.

·         Respect for the hockey equipment.

·         Respect for the hockey playing field and goals.

·         Win with pride but loose with dignity and without excuses.

·         Keep your body, thoughts and actions pure as an example of good sportsmanship.

·         Aim to be physically fit and avoid selfishness and egotism.

·         Attend all practices, games and meetings, support other teams.

·         Thank God for your talents.

·         Attend all practices and matches with the correct sports uniform.

·         Encourage your team players.  Respect one anothers ability levels.

·         Be on time for all practices.

·         When hosting a game be welcoming.  

·         Be proud of your team, school and unform.




We started off 2014 with a number of goals for Boys Hockey.  We wanted to increase participation, improve the skill level across all ages and manage our boys so that they can be exposed to and take part in more than one sports code.  At the end of the third term we can, with confidence, say that we have achieved the goals we set for ourselves in the first term. 

Participation in Boys Hockey continued to increase this season.  There has definitely been a revival of boys hockey at Sunridge.  We hope to include two or more teams per age group in the league next year. 

There was a remarkable improvement in the skill level of our boys as the season progressed.  Two of our boys were selected to play for Eastern Province.  Well done to Hlumelo Klass and Mpho Mbhele for their achievements.  Our first team reached their peak at the Outeniqua Tournament where they got through to the final, but unfortunately lost in the last three minutes.  Eleven of our first team players were awarded sports badges for representing their school in more than twelve matches.  Thank you to Hlumelo Klaas, Mpho Mbhele, Derik van der Merwe, Divan Theron, Josh Loenen, Aidan van Loggerenberg, Luke Wilson, Luke van Aswegen, Damien Rudman, Justin Friend and Karl Dielman for their dedication and contributions.  Our U10A boys team, coached by Miss Potgieter,  also needs to be congratulated as they only lost two matches the whole season.  Well done to all our boys.


Our vision for 2015 Boys Hockey was to increase the skills level of our players and to participate in more tournaments.

This season we again managed to enter two teams in the senior league and one in the under 11A and U9A league.  The boys played good, constructive hockey and produced pleasing results.  They were exposed to and learnt many aspects of tactical match play.

The highlight of the season for our first team was the Tavcor Grey Tournament. Our boys managed to win the bronze medal at this tournament. We also took part in the Framesby Tournament, The Lorraine Tournament, The Gelvan Park Opening Day Tournament and Outeniqua Tournament. Here the improvement in Boys Hockey at Sunridge was evident.   

Two of our boys were awarded with Eastern Province Colours for hockey.  Well done to Justin Friend and Jayde Ross.  Our 1st boys captain, Damien Rudman,  also got selected to play in the Eastern Province Vipers Indoor Hockey Team.   The whole of the first boys hockey team were awarded sports badges for representing their school this season.    


Boy's Hockey experienced a jam packed season this year.  We had four teams represented in the league, namely U9, U11, 1st and 2nd teams.  These teams took part in a number of tournaments.  These included  The Herbie Festival, The Framesby Tournament, The Grey Tavcor Tournament, The Lorraine Opening Season Tournament, Outeniqua Tournament and the Princess Seven Aside Tournament.

The boys showed great commitment from the start and their improvement during the season was most evident.  A number of the boys were exposed to a variety of positions on the field and their versatility and willingness to learn was commendable.  By the end of the season the boys were showing improved skills, improved tactical play and the ability to read the game more confidently.  Our boys must be commended on their sportsmanship on and off the field.  They were always ambassadors for our school, holding their cool even when the opposition provoked them and displayed unsavory behaviour.

Shaun Ford represented our school at the  Eastern Province trials.  We are very proud that he made it to the second last round.  Kyle Masters must be made special mention of.  Kyle is a junior player who played for the first team this season.  He displayed maturity, eagerness to learn and the ability to hold his own against older boys.  Dylan Willis was awarded the prize for the top goal scorer at the Princess Seven Aside Tournament, congratulations to him.  At the Herbie Festival, Luke van Rensburg was awarded player of the day.  We have had a thoroughly enjoyable season.