v      pupils must obey their superiors

v      pupils must accept responsibility for their own misdemeanours

v      pupils must take responsibility for their own property

v      pupils must hand in their schoolwork, assignments or any other task that they have been asked to do, by the designated time

v      pupils must return tear-off slips at the designated time

v      pupils must do their homework as prescribed

v      pupils must apologise to their teachers or peers when they are in the wrong

v      pupils must be punctual at all times

v      pupils are not allowed to throw stones

v      pupils are not allowed to bring fireworks to school

v      pupils must refrain from intimidating, provoking, degrading, fighting, bullying or  physically abusing a fellow learner

v      pupils must address teachers correctly -  "yes sir",  "yes ma'am"

v      pupils must respect the rights of other pupils. 

v      pupils are expected to smile and be friendly

v      pupils’ homework books must be signed by parents/ supervisor to indicate that work was supervised

v      pupils must not use offensive nicknames, profane or indecent language

v      pupils must regard stealing, aggressive behaviour, possession of pornographic material, smoking, bunking, arson, sexual harassment, as serious misconduct

v      pupils must be aware that arson, destruction of school property, malicious and willful destruction of other learners property, is a criminal offence


      2    RESPECT:

           v      pupils must be silent when requested to do so by an adult

v      pupils must be polite towards all adults and  peers, and to address them with respect

v      pupils must step aside when adults are passing i.e. at a doorway

v      if a member of staff enters the class, pupils are to stand up promptly and return the teacher's greeting.  Staff members are greeted verbally only once a day, thereafter pupils merely stand

v      pupils must not pass derogatory remarks about each other's culture, language, religion or race

v      during matches, pupils must be well mannered and abide by the coach's or umpire’s decisions

v      pupils are expected to be courteous at all times - boys are to show the necessary respect for girls and girls are expected to acknowledge this

v      pupils may not cheek/backchat either their teachers or monitors

v      pupils may not spit

v      pupils may not meddle with bicycles

v      pupils are to walk in single file in the passages when changing classes

v      pupils are to line up immediately when the bell goes before school and after break.  No talking / eating after the 2nd bell has rung

v      when pupils lead in or out, they are to walk in single file and keep to the left

v      pupils are not to talk in the lines

v      pupils are strictly forbidden to run in the corridors

v      pupils are to obey the following basic class rules:                                         

            no eating or talking in class

            books are not to be left at home

            pupils are not allowed to talk while the teacher talks

            pupils must keep the class tidy

            pupils must listen to the teacher, not disrupt the class

            no chewing of gum

            no cellphones may be switched on in class

v      pupils’ clothing / property must be clearly marked

v      bags/cases are not to lie around

v      pupils are not allowed to copy other pupils’ homework / work

v      pupils are not allowed to open other pupils' cases / tog bags

v      pupils are to respect their school song and national anthem. Stand up straight when they are sung, hands at one’s side

v      pupils are not allowed in the buildings during breaks - unless the weather is bad or they are utilizing the toilet

v      only pupils who ride bicycles to school are allowed at the cycle racks


      3   HONESTY:

            v      pupils may not steal other people’s property

v      when doing schoolwork, homework and assignments, pupils must do their own work

v      pupils must not cheat during tests or examinations

v      pupils must not tell lies

v      when a pupil has done something wrong, he/she must take full responsibility and own up

v      pupils must hand in lost money or property

v      when a pupil accidentally damages school or another person’s property, they must report it to the secretary/teacher immediately


       4  NEATNESS:

           v      pupils must at all  times ensure that their school uniform and sport clothes are neat and clean

v      when leaving school, pupils must be appropriately dressed until they arrive at home

v      pupils must not litter the school grounds or other school facilities

v      pupils must ensure that their hair is clean and neat

v      pupils’ shoes must be polished / laces must be tied

v      pupils’ socks must be pulled up

v      pupils must not tie any clothing around their waist / or push up their sleeves

v      shirts must be tucked in

v      when sitting, girls must sit in a ladylike manner

v      girls’ dresses should be a respectable length

v      pupils must cover all books in plastic

v      pupils may not play with balls against the walls of the school building

v      pupils’ hair should comply with the following:


hair must be short or tied when it touches the collar. Fringes must not reach past their eyebrows, if fringes are longer, they must be secured with clips away from the eyes. Only navy blue hair ribbons, scrunchies, alice bands are allowed.  No dying, peroxiding, perming or rinsing of hair is permitted.    

 * boys:

hair is not to hang over the ears or touch the collar. It they wear a fringe, it must be short and well trimmed.  It may not cover more than half of the forehead.  Steps are not allowed. Boys’ hair should not be shorter than a number 3.

      v      pupils are not allowed to wear jewellery, bangles, rings or necklaces.  Only girls are allowed to wear a single, small, gold stud or sleeper in each ear, as earrings.



            5   LOYALTY:

                v      pupils who cannot or who could not attend a sport practice should provide the coach (at the next practice) with a letter of apology written by a parent

v      pupils who are absent from the practice(without a written excuse) during which the team is chosen for a match, will not be considered for the match

v      pupils who do not attend sport practices regularly, will not be considered for matches

v      pupils who fail to attend, or who report late for their match without a legitimate reason will not be considered for further team matches

v      pupils who encounter problems with their school activities, should take up the matter with their class teacher, or the teacher concerned, or the principal of the school, before discussing it with any person outside the school

v      pupils must not speak negatively about the school, the staff, or pupils to people outside the school

v      pupils must obey all school rules

v      if a pupil has been absent, they are to bring a letter from their parent/s, guardian or doctor, which is to be handed to the class teacher

v      pupils are not permitted to leave the grounds once they have arrived at school or have been dropped off by their  parents or transport service. No pupil may leave the school premises during the school day without the principal's and a parent's consent

v      pupils must leave the school grounds immediately after school, unless they are involved in extra-mural activities.  They are not allowed to loiter in the school buildings or grounds 


       6  PRIDE:

            v      pupils who partake in out-of-school activities, must give the school's name to the organisers

v      pupils must know what the school's emblem symbolizes

v      pupils must know the school song

v      pupils’ conduct must be exemplary when in public, especially when representing the school at activities, or when wearing the school uniform

v      pupils may not walk around with their hands in their pockets

v      pupils must flush toilets after use, and keep their cloakrooms neat and tidy

v      pupils must not damage any school property, including plants, trees, fences and gates etc

v      pupils must not damage/deface their own property, the school’s property or the property of other pupils

v      pupils may not take food into the toilet areas

v      pupils must not display bad sportsmanship

v      pupils’ clothing must be clearly marked

v      pupils must not leave items of the school uniform at school

v      pupils may not wear distinctive items of the school uniform with casual clothes after hours

v      pupils are not allowed to wear non-school wear to school unless advised

v      pupils may not climb over fences or gates

v      pupils must push bicycles on the school grounds. This rule applies after school hours as well

v      pupils must carry books to school in one of the following: school cases, reinforced canvas bags or leather bags with partitions (no fishing bags)



            v      pupils must complete tasks to the best of their ability

v      pupils must keep their schoolwork neat

v      pupils must do the homework that has been assigned to them

v      pupils who have registered for sport and culture activities should attend all practices

v      once pupils have committed yourself for the season, you must complete the season, unless a very valid excuse is provided( letter from the parent)

v      pupils must excuse themselves before a practice or match if they are not attending


v      library and text books must be replaced  or the amount reimbursed when lost.