Mrs L Saaiman 

Sunridge Primary School as an educational institution is the ideal place where sport ethics and principles of excellent sportsmanship are developed as part of the greater curriculum.  The learners are developed holistically and the following are instilled on them : the rules of competition and how to be exemplary participants in a multi-dimensional sports world.


Respect  for   : your opponent's and your own body;

                      : your coach all equipment used in practises and matches.

                      : the rules of the game;

                      : the referee's decisions;

Be prepared to work hard and attend all practise sessions, correctly dressed.

Keep your body, attitude and thoughts pure and set a good example to others.

Aspire to physical fitness and avoid selfishness and egoism.

Win with pride, but lose with dignity, without apologies.

Share your success with others and inspire them to achieve.

Thank our Lord for your talents.


Spesifieke doelstellings 

Netbal bied die afrigter en spanlede die volgende breër opvoedkundige geleenthede :

om by jou spanmaats te staan tot wanneer die eindfluitjie blaas;

om deur die netbal, leerders moreel te ontwikkel;

om teleurstellings, veranderinge en terugslae teë te staan.

Die belangrikste is nie om te wen nie, maar om met eerlikheid deel te neem.