Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the economic development of a country. At a time of job losses and job uncertainties for working adults and school leavers, people are relying more on their own skills for employment opportunities and income. Thus, here at Sunridge, we would like to train up learners in the skills they will need to be successful entrepreneurs. The jewellery maker of today could become a successful jewellery designer with their own company tomorrow, providing job opportunities for themselves and others.

Each term we will give club members the opportunity to develop their Entrepreneurial skills by selling items to the rest of the school. These items are to be prepared / made at home and brought to school to be sold. In order to ensure a variety of stalls and skills, each term will have a different type of sale with a theme and club members will prepare and sell their goods according to this. 

Parents are not allowed to do any selling on the day.  It is entirely in the hands of the learner to handle the money and promote the sale of their goods on their own, with the help of a friend if they would like.

Currently the membership fee is R50.00 for the year, which includes the hiring of their stall for each sale. Four meetings and four sales per year. One sale per term at end of term after exams. The funcky purple badge is available at an additional cost of R35.00 from the office.

Club Vision:

The teacher coordinating the Club is Mrs Vrey. They co-ordinate short Skills Development sessions after school to equip the learners with the knowledge it takes to become successful entrepreneurs. We will convey the concepts of Entrepreneurial skills such as Profit and Loss, Capital, Budgeting, Expenses, Marketing, Market Research, show video clips and research opportunities via the Internet.