This is drawn up in terms of the Code of Conduct, South African Schools Act, Act no 84, 1996.

Appearance of learners

The personal appearance and dress of the learners must, at all times where the learners appear as learners of Sunridge Primary School, meet with the requirements and dress codes, which in the opinion of the principal, comply with the norms of the community served by the school. School uniform as prescribed in the prospectus, is to be worn without adornment during school hours as well as to extra-mural activities, unless the principal has given permission for casual wear.

Behaviour of learners

Learners are to attend school punctually during the prescribed times.  Learners may not absent themselves from class or leave the school premises during school hours without the prior consent of the principal.  In the event of a child’s absence, the parents are to provide written reasons for such absence.

School property or the property of any other person may not be damaged or defaced.  In the event of damage, defacing or loss of such property by a learner, the parent or guardian of such learner will be held responsible for the costs incurred in the replacement or repair of such property.

While a learner is under the school’s supervision he may not impair or endanger the physical well-being of any person and he may not have in his possession any article capable of inflicting such physical harm, discomfort, embarrassment, general disorder or damage to property or perpetrate any act which will result in any of the above conditions.

The use of or handling of tobacco, cigarettes, alcoholic drink or drugs (the latter excepted with medical prescription) is strictly prohibited in the school building or the school premises or at any place where the school’s name and/or reputation may be affected.

No learner may be in possession of pornographic or any such literature which in the opinion of the principal is offensive to the school and community, on the school premises or at any venue where the school’s name will be implicated.

No circular, notice, pamphlet or poster may be distributed on the school premises or attached to any notice-board or to anything else in the building or school grounds without the prior consent and approval of the principal.

Cellphones may not be brought to school. 

Participation in school programmes

All learners must participate in the educational programmes as prescribed by the Educational Department unless exemption has been granted by the Department.

When a learner has voluntarily joined an extra-mural school activity he is to honour his obligations and commitment to the said activity unless he/she has been granted exemption from such responsibilities by the principal.

Learners do not have access to the school’s equipment or facilities, including sports facilities, outside school hours without prior approval and consent by the school principal and may not enter the school grounds after school hours.

No learner may denigrate or belittle the national symbols of the Republic of South Africa or the codes of the school.

The code of conduct of the school must be respected and honoured by every learner.


A learner who, in the opinion of the principal and governing body, brings the school’s name into disrepute, shall be considered to have committed an offence.

These rules are subject to the SA School’s Act, 84 of 1996 and should be read together with the stipulations of the Act and the regulations promulgated in conjunction with the Act.

It is expected of the learners to obey the laws of the country, as well as the rules and regulations of any legally constituted body.

Learners transgressing these rules are punishable with such reasonable punishment as may be deemed fit by the principal and teachers, subject to the Code of Conduct.

The term principal includes the authorised representative of the principal.

This document is approved in its entirety by the Governing Body of  Sunridge Primary School.