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 Conjuncti Crescimus

"Together we grow".

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to our school. Sunridge is a friendly, family school where children are educated in a warm and caring environment.


 We believe in the development of the whole individual by means of a positive approach. We are committed to a balanced education encouraging involvement in academic, physical, cultural and pastoral activities. We strive to help each child attain his or her full academic potential through the development of skills, the ability to think and the encouragement of creativity. We promote an attitude of caring. We want our learners to enjoy their Sunshine years. We trust that you and your child/ren will experience many fruitful and enjoyable years together. It is our heartfelt desire that you become part of the Sunridge family and fit in with the school and its activities. We want all families to be able to make their own unique contribution to the progress and upliftment of the Sunridge family.

Kind regards


Mr M. de Vries