Membership of the PTA is open to all parents with children at the school.  Parents have a vote at general meetings.

The basic functions of the PTA are –

-     provide closer contact between parents and the teaching staff in the interests of the child;
-     tokeep parents informed about any such developments as may concern them; and
-     torganise functions (either social or fund-raising) when required.

Other than for the AGM, at which office-bearers for the ensuing year are elected, the PTA may organise general meetings when the need arises.

The PTA does not have any status with the Department of Education and it is important to note that these meetings do not constitute a forum at which to attack the teaching staff or the internal organisation of the school as the PTA has no jurisdiction over such matters. (Refer to the paragraph on management of the school.)

It is also important to bear in mind that these associations flourish on goodwill and grind to a halt in an unpleasant climate.  The exceptional achievements of the PTA of this school are entirely due to the excellent spirit of co-operation which has existed to date and it is up to future parents to maintain and build on these healthy traditions in the interests of our children.